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Listen online to the hot issues affecting the food and grocery manufacturing industry.

AFGC has a podcasting website where you can listen to AFGC directors discuss important issues facing the industry:

Listen: ABC Darwin Late Breakfast

AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell speaks to ABC Darwin Late Breakfast on container deposit legislation in the Northern Territory.

Listen: 2GB with Alan Jones

AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell speaks to 2GB’s Alan Jones about retailer dominance issues and the future of the industry. Listen online

Listen: ABC- Mornings with Madonna King

AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell discusses the Federal Government's proposed carbon tax on ABC : Mornings with Madonna King. Listen online

Listen:  ABC News Radio:  GM Foods

AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell discusses Genetically Modified (GM) foods which are strictly regulated by FSANZ and have been used safely since the mid 1990s.  Listen online

LISTEN ABC News Radio PM: Traffic light system overkill

Food review proposes traffic light system, AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell says it's overkill - we've already got a front-of-pack labelling system that producers have invested a lot of money in getting on their products.  Listen Online

LISTEN: 104.1 Territory FM Radio: Kate Carnell discusses CDL

AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell discusses container deposit legislation in the Northern Territory.

LISTEN: ABC News Radio: UN FAO tips international rise in food prices

December 2010

AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell is interviewed by ABC Radio News about rising global commodity prices which are impacting food and grocery prices in Australia.

LISTEN: ABC News Radio: Grocery Council sounds alarm bells on imports

October 27, 2010

Australia's food and grocery manufacturers may no longer have a future, thanks to rising imports and falling exports, the industry's peak body says.

Read AFGC's State of the Industry 2010 report here >>

LISTEN: 5AA Radio: Kate Carnell discusses threat to food supply under Murray Darling plan

October 11th, 2010

Reducing water allocations in the Murray Darling Basin is another setback for Australia’s $102 billion food and grocery manufacturing sector which is the second major industry in the regions behind agriculture, the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) said on October 8th.

Read AFGC's media release on water cuts in the Murray Darling Basin here.

LISTEN: ABC Radio: New Food Allergen Guide

September 15th, 2010

A new food allergen guide by Anaphylaxis Australia and the Coeliac Society has been released to help restaurants and cafes provide safe foods for people with food allergies.  The new Allergy Guide Safer Meal Service contains practical steps to ensure meals prepared in eateries are safe by understanding what food allergens are present and helping customers make safe choices.

Read AFGC's media release on the food allergen guide here.

LISTEN: ABC Radio interview with AFGC’s Geoffrey Annison on BPA

September 7th, 2010

No health risk from BPA in food packaging

Responding to new research on BPA levels in foods and baby products by consumer group Choice, AFGC highlighted that the world’s leading food authorities, including Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ), maintain that levels of exposure to BPA are safe and don’t pose a significant health risk.

Read AFGC’s media release here.

LISTEN: ABC interview with AFGC's Kate Carnell on Container Deposit Legislation (CDL)

July 1st, 2010

AFGC’s Chief Executive Kate Carnell, AO talks about the high costs of having a national Container Deposit Legislation (CDL) system across Australia.

Read AFGC’s media release on CDL here.