Preparing for an emergency - the smart thing to do!

The pantry list provides you with important information & advice on how to stock your pantry to ensure your household has an adequate supply of food, water and essential items to cope with a prolonged emergency situation.

Preparing for emergencies ensures that you and your family can manage if affected by an emergency such as:

  • Bushfire
  • Cyclone
  • Utility failure (eg. electricity, gas, water)
  • Flood & storms
  • Influenza pandemic
  • Earthquake

While many emergencies will only extend over a few days, some incidents will disrupt the supply of critical foods and groceries. Planning for a 14-day stay at home (possibly without water and electricity) by building and rotating items in your pantry, ensures you are prepared for a wide range of circumstances.

Use the pantry list as a guide to help you meet the needs of your household and prepare for an emergency - it is the smart thing to do!

Download your copy here!

If you would like more information on other actions you can take to prepare for an emergency, you may find the following websites useful:

Australian Emergency Management

Australian Red Cross